Our Inspiration


Lichen covered rock and stone emerge from the details of the foreground. A creek-bed with a story of long ago that time has created without a trace. Water has carved and nature has formed...

“A remarkable visual impact.”

The relationship we have with design starts with the premise that nature has done great work.

We aim to simulate it in a way that ties the man-made structures into the backdrop.


About Our Company


Anglesea Landscaping is composed of a team of qualified horticulturists and landscapers who have a passion for contemporary naturalistic design.

We have been operating in and around Anglesea for the past 20 + years creating a wide range of modern outside spaces incorporating water and rock-work inspired by nature.

With our earthmoving machinery and suitable materials on a project, we can soften your construction and bring a harmonious flow from your indoor and outdoor spaces.

  • Site appraisal
  • Tree removal
  • Driveways & Paths
  • Excavations 
  • Water features
  • Exterior timber work

Our great service offering is then combined with our flexibility to think outside the square. We also pride ourselves on our practical ability to “get the job done”.

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