Thank you for your interest in Anglesea Landscaping. Below we’ve included some answers to the questions we get asked most often.


Where do I start?

Planning in the early part of your home construction is favourable to create a space that is beautiful and complimentary to your home improving your liveability.

Why does design matter?

Good design promotes your home’s desirability. A thorough consideration of your lifestyle will help make the best use of your outdoor space.

What is the best time of the year to get my project happening?

The cooler months are best to get those ideas underway so that everything is in place to enjoy at the start of the warmer weather. Giving the plants the winter rains to establish.

How can Anglesea Landscaping help me?

Anglesea Landscaping can offer you a complete package from design using the latest up to date techniques and through the process with in-house machinery and equipment to satisfactory completion of an elegant outcome.

A well-designed landscape will offer long-term value to your home.

What sort of plantings do you suggest for this area?

The planting of indigenous species is encouraged in our local area and supported by our local council.

It is this area’s natural asset and apart from maintaining the unique visual character of the area, these plants are adapted to the low nutrient soils.

They attract wildlife to our gardens providing habitat for the native fauna. They also need little additional watering once established.

What types of elements does Anglesea Landscaping bring to their projects?

We like to bring a range of ideas to our clients to create focal points and areas of interest.

Advice on keeping your garden maintenance to a minimum, installation of efficient watering and accenting your garden with lighting to provide mood and night visibility.